Enjoy the whole of the British Summer… not just half of it

We all enjoy the long hot summer days but could all do without the hot humid summer nights! Turn your home into a cool oasis of calm with a Recoair air conditioning system.

Recoair customers enjoy the summer more because they sleep more! Wouldn’t you like to sleep comfortably in your home even when it’s hot and humid outside?

What is domestic air conditioning for?

Installing an air conditioning unit into your home gives you controllable comfort whatever the weather. That’s because modern air conditioning units heat as well as cool.

What does air conditioning cost to run?

Domestic air conditioning units are more energy efficient than you may have thought. They cost from as little as 10p per hour to run.

Units start from around £1000 fully fitted, which is less than some portable air conditioning units. So they are also cheaper than you may have thought too.

Do I have space for an air conditioning unit?

Unlike portable air conditioning units, installed air conditioning units don’t have to sit on the floor in the corner of your room like a dalek, with large flexible hoses poking out of a window you’d rather was shut. They fit onto the wall, up high or down low or ducted and completely out of sight.

Make your home more comfortable

So sleep peacefully under your duvet this summer whilst everyone else is complaining on social media and install one in your bedroom or landing for all the family to enjoy.

Turn your conservatory into an inviting comfortable space that is usable all year round, free from extreme temperatures.

Make loft rooms inhabitable and new extensions more energy efficient, as you pay for 1kw and can get up to 6kw of heat!

Will it be noisy?

Installed air conditioning units are whisper quiet, unlike their portable equivalents that make quite a horrendous noise.

They also heat, dehumidify and filter the air in your home so you can use them all year round instead of having to find somewhere in the garage to store them come the end of summer!

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